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Woo Hoo! My 2016 puzzle is completed!

HUGE thank you’s from me and Jigsaw!!! Our commitment to cover all of Jigsaw’s annual living expenses and share of sanctuary costs is a huge burden lifted off the shoulders of Animals Asia. Your care and generosity always overwhelms me ….. and of course, DELIGHTS Jigsaw!!  If you haven’t already donated, don’t feel that you have missed out! Jigsaw is always up for some extra “presents” under his Christmas tree which he will happily share with the newly rescued bears – some of whom are desperately in love of TLC xxx 


TEN bears rescued in one month!

Hi everyone,

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Even in the few days since I wrote it,  SIX more bears have been rescued in Vietnam from truly terrible existences.  Please make a donation today to help all the bears receive the care they deserve!

And there’s only 6 pieces left in my puzzle!!!! Woo Hoo!! So don’t miss out!!


13 bears rescued as Quang Ninh province declares the bear-bile farm industry closed – Hopefully the remaining bears will follow soon.

In November 2014 Animals Asia stepped up its campaign to rescue 49 bears being kept in appalling conditions on bile farms, in the renowned World Heritage area of Halong Bay in the province of Quang Ninh…

But by March 2015, 30 bears had already died, leaving 19.

But then (also in March), the Quang Ninh provincial government suddenly decreed that all bear-bile farms in the region (including Halong Bay) would be closed and the remaining 38 bears across the province (including the remaining 19 above) would be given into the care of Animals Asia sanctuary. Alas the wheels turn slowly and more bears have died while the authorities sort it out with the not-very-cooperative bear farmers.

SongSotCage3Simon Cage halong Bay2

Already 26 bears out of 27 had died on one farm, thankfully the last remaining bear was amongst the lucky ones to be rescued this past week. His name Song Sot means Last Survivor. We can only hope that he does…
Two bears required a Sea Rescue!

Animals Asia founder Jill Robinson wrote: My heart broke when I saw the awful condition of these two bears. Simon is a bear you can’t help but fall in love with, but his condition is just pitiful. He can barely stand and his teeth were literally falling out of his head. He’s a broken bear …..”

Sam0rSimon Sam&Simon Freedom Ride

A further 10 bears were successfully removed to safety by end of last week in June but 2 bears were not released by their farmers. Reluctantly Animals Asia staff had to leave them behind – hopefully the chance to rescue them will come very soon.

Below is “Possum” showing just how life SHOULD be for a moon bear.
With your support we can make this come true!  Please donate to Jigsaw’s Bear Care Club @ Adoptamoonbear today!

Woo Hoo! Adoptamoonbear is 4 years old!

Hi everyone! I can hardly believe that this December marks four years since I started Adoptamoonbear and 3 years since we raised the initial $14,500 to rescue  Jigsaw.  Over these 4 years YOU have helped raise over $40,000 to keep our commitment to care for Jigsaw. Little did I realise how wonderfully supportive so many of you would be. **A huge THANK YOU to all of you who have donated, encouraged and inspired me on this journey!**   Please click here to read our latest newsletter and please, share it on Facebook and forward to your friends!


When Jigsaw first arrived at Tam Dao Bear Rescue Centre, there were only 39 bears.  Four years on there are 107 – a whopping increase –  all rescued from bear-bile trade or cubs rescued from smugglers (probably destined for the same awful fate).  AAF’s Rescue Centre has had to expand considerably to accommodate the bears, which translates to more funds required to build enclosures, vet facilities etc and cover increasing management costs.  This is why it is so important that we keep our commitment to care for Jigsaw, so that AAF can focus on caring for other bears and rescuing more from this abhorrent industry.

Our last post mentioned Dickie Bear Dugmore’s wonderful poem about his life in House 10.  Now there is a most delightful reading of the poem by English actress Rula Lenska, so click here to listen and watch this memorable video.

And check out this photo story of clever bear Wang Cai who decides to be Mr Handy Bear when his swing broke – Priceless!!


With only 30 or so pieces of puzzle to go, can I ask you to consider sending the bears a little extra Christmas cheer with a donation to AAMB – perhaps in lieu of a present for someone who already appreciates the abundance in their life…… And wishing you all a MERRY BEARY CHRISTMAS with your family and friends!  x Sal & Jigsaw


Woo! Hoo! Our puzzle is finished!

WOO HOO !! WE’VE DONE IT !! Jigsaw has romped over the finish line for his 2012 puzzle,with a bit of extra cash on his rump!

We have taken our total – in just over 3 years – to $33,000 – 80% through this website, with your personal donations.

Thank you to all of you who supported – and continue to support –  Jigsaw’s Bear Care Club!YOU make it FUN to care for our bear! And every $ you donate makes it easier for Animals Asia to care for Jigsaw… and reach out to other bears needing their help…


Don’t Worry! If you missed out donating your piece of THIS puzzle, there will be another one along sooooon!!

And if you live in Melbourne, then come along to my Trash’n’Treasure sale this Sunday, March 3 at Camberwell Rotary TnT market. Lots of pre-loved goodies and…… a peek look at some merchandise!!  The wonderful Anne Leon of Byron Bay has produced some beautiful moon bear artwork for us to use on tea-towels and other goodies. Come along and get yours this Sunday!!

3 bears P-Card

Animals Asia is making a difference!

China Rises Against Bear Farming” was the theme of the 2012 Australian Roadshow that saw AAF’s Founder and Jill Robinson speak at nine events, including two private dinners, in just 11 days and raise an impressive $245,000.  I hope that some of you were among the 120 who joined Jill at Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club to hear how the people in China are really responding to AAF’s message that bear-bile farming is barbaric and cruel and must end!  (Unfortunately I was away at the time, but Jigsaw’s supporters and AAMB helped with securing the venue and offering quality items for the Silent Auction)  To read more about the tour click here.

AAF is funded entirely by private donations and while the fundraising total might seem like a lot of money, with over 250 (living) bears currently at AAF’s two Bear Rescue Centres it amounts to less than $1000 per bear = about half the annual food costs for each bear… And that’s before one considers the expenses of building & maintaining bear enclosures, doing vet checks & surgeries, plus a myriad of other day-to-day costs to run the sanctuaries.

Additional to its rescuing and caring for bears, AAF works non-stop on its many education programs for communities, schools, medical colleges and governments, covering all aspects of the bear-bile industry including:

  • the dangers inherent in using bear-bile from chronically sick bears,
  • sharing information about the viable plant and synthetic alternatives already available
  • and most importantly highlighting the issues of animal welfare.

Below are photos of Kalina in her bear-bile farm cage and now at Animals Asia’s Bear Rescue Centre


AAF’s commitment to delivering a wholistic message is bringing the changes we are witnessing in China & other Asian countries. Here are just a few of AAF’s recent success stories:

  • Chinese people are continuing to express their outrage at a Chinese company’s intention to list its bear-bile farm on the chinese stock exchange To read more, click here.
  • A youtube film documenting the horrors of a bear bile farm went viral on China’s youtube. To read more, click here.
  • In February, scientific studies reveal the brutal truth about the bear farming industry  To read more, click here.
  • In June, 1,000 doctors in China sign a pledge against [prescribing] bear bile. To read more, click here.
  • In August, “Moon Bear” the hard-hitting, undercover documentary showing the brutality of the bear bile industry across China, won a top award at the Fifth China Ya’an International Panda, Animals and Nature Film Week. To read more, click here.


IT DOES, and in more ways than you can imagine..